Our Mission

Designed to re-distribute the world’s wealth.

  • Eradicate extreme global poverty and help protect all children & wildlife by 2032.

  • Create a new global Wi-Fi network with the SovereignSky space-based blockchain.

  • Beam Sovereign electronic currency from space to villages and people in need in the third World.

  • A blockchain for Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, family offices, and corporations to use to create and run their own electronic currencies on.

Private & Secure, Blockchain Wi-Fi Network from Space

Private & Secure, Blockchain Wi-Fi Network from Space In November 2018, SovereignSky launched the first of 36 Sovereign satellites into orbit with its space agency, satellite manufacturer, orbit, and launch partners.

Stage 1: The Launch

A total of 8 SovereignSky satellites will be sent into Low Earth Orbit around earth within 1 to 3 years in order to help eradicate poverty.

Stage 2: Initiation

The 8 SovereignSky satellites will cover Africa, India and the land mass below with a new, secure private internet network within 1 to 3 years to help eradicate global poverty.

Stage 3: Eradicating Poverty

Boxes of StealthCrypto®️ phones, digital wallets, smart cards, and modems will be sent to people in need. These items are powered by our Space-Based blockchain, so donees can receive SovereignAid coin via the RUON application. Donors are able to communicate directly with their donee and see exactly how their donation is being used.

Stage 4: RUON AI

RUON AI is the future of social media, a highly sophisticated social media, chat, business and banking application for Millennials, for the cryptocurrency generation and the world's unbanked.

Stage 5: Global Wi-Fi Coverage.

The funding, manufacture and orbit deployment of a total of 36 SovereignSky satellites will be sent into orbit around earth within 3 to 10 years and will cover the entire world in an encrypted, secure, and fast blockchain internet connection.

Stage 6: Automated Teller Machines - ATM’s

We have developed ATM’s that will take cryptocurrency and exchange it for real money.

Stage 7: Global Currency and Global Poverty Eradication

Pairing SovereignSky’s secure exchange platform with SovereignSky’s ATMs conclusively generates an alternative world payment system and a global currency. This closes the gap on interactions among all nations, ultimately speeding up the eradication of global poverty in the most efficient way possible.

Space-based blockchain

Hybrid EOS Bitshares Blockchain Set in Space.
Global Coverage

An encrypted currency, deployed upon a Quantum safe i-mesh network that provides 5G wi-fi connectivity enabled satellite system to be beamed anywhere in the world.

Remote Access

A currency which can be sent and used in the world’s remotest and poorest areas with no internet connectivity.


A EOS Bitshares hybrid blockchain providing one of the most scalable solutions on and off the planet.

Super Fast

EOS is one of the fastest blockchains in the world. Sovereign is one of the fastest blockchains in the world.


A blockchain and Venture Capital fund dedicated to humanitarian causes and making the world a better place.


These are apps like you find in the 'App store' or 'Google Play' which are built by developers on the Sovereign blockchain.

How it works

Our structure and the Infrastructure.

1. SovereignSky Boxes

Boxes are distributed by charities to villages and people in need throughout the world.

SovereignSky Boxes

2. Satellites

Satellites connect to the Modems and the Antenna.

3. Global Network

SovereignSky's network of 36 secure 5G wi-fi enabled Satellites will cover the entire world with a new, wi-fi encrypted, blockchain network connectivity.

4. Modem

Modem converts the Satellites signals to wi-fi which the RUON blockchain phones pickup.

5. Blockchain Phone

SovereignAid   and   RUON cryptocurrency  is  sent  from  donors around  the  world  to  people  in  need discovered on the RUON App.

6. Smart Card

The cryptocurrency of SovereignAid and RUON is then transferred from the phone’s wallet to the crypto smartcard.

Bringing equality

We have developed SovereignSky based on our combined, unparalleled expertise in the blockchain market and beyond.

It’s a space-bound solution to confer equal access to the world’s wealth to anyone on earth, regardless of their location, nationality, and economic starting conditions.

SovereignSky’s mission is to “Provide and Protect Our Children, Save and Preserve Our Wildlife, and Aim to Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032” - Timothy E. Burke, Co-founder SovereignSky.

We combine a blockchain platform and token with a low earth orbit satellite network, based upon the government and academia-tested space technology of SovereignSky’s partner companies SpaceQuest, ISRO and Missionspace. This allows us to transcend jurisdictional and infrastructural limits that have been imposed by narrow-minded planning and self-serving objectives prevalent in most developed and developing nations on earth.

Its location in the earth orbit enables it to offer equal access and equal opportunities to participants from all over the planet. It incorporates the concepts of “Building block(chain)s for a better planet” introduced by PwC and the Stanford Woods Institute.

Designed to re-distribute the world’s wealth

It’s a space-bound global currency designed to re-distribute the world’s wealth to help protect its people, preserve its wildlife and help feed its population, regardless of their location, nationality and economic starting conditions.

Government and academia-tested space technology

We combine a blockchain platform and SovereignCoin token with a low earth orbit satellite network, based upon the government and academia-tested space satellites and technology of SpaceQuest, MissionSpace and partners at ISRO.

Encrypted global blockchain wi-fi network

SovereignSky will consist of a network of 36 wi-fi enabled Satellites which will cover the entire planet with a private, globally encrypted wi-fi network. Not a subject to any national jurisdiction on earth. Equal access and equal opportunities.

Pre-installed app on StealthCrypto® Technology

RUON runs on a StealthCrypto® Phone which offers the core functionalities you would expect from a smartphone with military grade security on top and intuitive design, guaranteeing absolute privacy and familiar user experience.

Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges

There’s are a number of ways in which a sufficiently refined blockchain system like SovereignSky can help solve the challenges passed by current developments.

Climate change

Today’s greenhouse gas levels may be the highest in 3 million years, rising to 412 parts per million in May 2018. Changes in precipitation, extreme storms, rising sea levels, coastal inundation and heatwaves directly affect people’s security, economic well-being and health.

Biodiversity & conservation

The Earth is losing its biodiversity at mass extinction rates. One in five species on Earth now faces eradication; this will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless we take urgent action. Biodiversity loss has a direct human impact – threatening energy, clean water and food supply.

Healthy oceans

The chemistry of the oceans is changing more rapidly than at any time in perhaps 300 million years, as the water absorbs anthropogenic greenhouse gases. The resulting ocean acidification and warming are leading to unprecedented damage to fish stocks and corals.

Water security

The world’s demand for water has grown by around 1% per year. By 2030, we may fall 40% short of the amount of fresh water needed to support the global economy as pollution and climate change affect the global water cycle.

Clean air

Around 91% of the world’s people live in places that fail to meet World Health Organization (WHO) air-quality guidelines. Around 7 million people die annually from exposure to air pollution – one death out of every eight globally.

Weather & disaster

In 2017, the world suffered 710 geophysical, meteorological, hydrological and climatological “natural-loss events” – almost triple the number it suffered in 1980. These events caused approximately $330 billion in damages.

Between our blockchain companies of Steemit, EOS and Bitshares we process over 80% of all Blockchain transactions. We now take this advanced technology and traffic and put this hybrid EOS Bitshares blockchain into space: to create the world’s next encrypted internet, social platform and operating system.

Stan Larimer

SovereignSky - Co-Founder

"Together we can Provide and Protect Our Children. Save and Preserve Our Wildlife. Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032."

Timothy E. Burke
RUON AI & SovereignSky Co-Founder

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